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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Cleo and kitty parade

Cleo just watched this video. :3
This is one the cutest videos ever. Cleo thought it was a good video. Wouldn't you agree?

101 views and 20 posts

This post is my 20th post and at the sum time, we have reached 101 page views! Well done! Can we make 200?


Come on! Can we reach 100 views?

75 view special!

Hello, fellow friends! Today, I would like to show you all the pictures that ever was posted to the blog so far... This goes from oldest to newest! Fresh memories from the mailbox! :3

Still 0 followers for the blog... :(

Our Google+ has 30 followers and I really appreciate that. So I'm asking you... Can you please follow this blog to let us know you want more posts with drawings in it. Also, yes, I am using a better painting app called Autodesk SketchBookX! :3


Cute little Midnight says, "'sup."

Can't resist! ^_^

I'm back

Sorry it has been such a long time since I have posted something. I will find a way to save a picture from SketchBookX, an with really good drawings! I hope I can make more posts soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Any Requests?

I have no idea what to do draw anymore. 3X Can you give me ideas? That would be great. Post your idea down below!

Monday, October 3, 2016


New channel! It's name is Cleo and Midnight! Search it on YouTube!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Thanks for 50 views on our blog! To celebrate, I made a blog background. And above this text is the new blog background! :3 We hope you like it! better than last time!

When You Are Asked to Take a Bath


Do you like cats? :3


Can you see it?!

Orange Collar

I have an orange collar and I think people will say that it's very cute! :3 It's pumpkin orange and has a cool sounding bell! What do you imagine? Put in a picture in the comments!


Would You Rather... 10/2/2016

Midnight asks you...

Germany Audience

Wow, if you didn't know, we got our first person to see this in GERMANY! And Germany is all the way up in Europe!! I'm pretty surprised to see this! Let's see what country we will hit next!

Midnight's Obsession

Midnight loves catnip! But by how much? He even feels like sharing the catnip! How crazy! So for that, I drew a picture of Midnight trying to share the catnip! Here it is!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cleo's Hiding Place

If you get annoyed with people, go to the top view of your house, on the inside. But where I hide doesn't work well...


20 Views! @_@

Thank you all for 20 views on our blog! Thank you for all of your support so far! And let's keep getting more and more views! We can do this! (・∀・)

Introduction to my Google+


I have a Google+ and it's told by our two cats! They are named Cleo and Midnight. Of course, C&MComix stands for Cleo and Midnight Comics. We would be happy if you would follow us and +1 our posts! That would be gladly appreciated!

You can suggest drawing requests in the the comment section below! Or on any post I make! Maybe I can draw it! Let's see what we could make from this!

Welcome and Hello! :3

This is the site of C&MComix, which will come to Tumblr in 2017! Here, you can find our drawings. It may not be the best skills, but I try to make it my best. I am curious to use Blogger! I also have a Google+ called Cleo Midnight. Here is a link. Check it out.

Later on, I may use better programs, because right now, I'm using MS Paint. Sometime later on, it will be a better program!

Hope you like this place! :3